"Truly the next generation of

protective wear"

Dave Haver, SMS Safety Director

"Best PPE we have ever used in the field"

Brent Burkholder, Field Superintendent at Conti Corp.

Improved Color Recognition with OptiShield Clear Grey Shields

Class 00, 0 and 2 Electrical Glove Kits in Stock

Grey nanoparticle shields have improve visibility and color recognition vs. original green tinted shields
Auditory vents for improved hearing and communication
Flip-front face shield allows easy access to fresh air flow when out of the hazard boundary
Multiple vents improve air-flow while in the hazard boundary and further reduce fogging
FR Control 2.0™ with a silver antimicrobial finished liner in the entire hood and jacket collar is soft to the touch, kills germs and controls odor
ActiveCool Venting™ underarm system increases air-flow to aide in cooling and adds stretch for improved mobility
40 Cal AirLite™ made with super lightweight 11.5 oz fabric system DRIFIRE® 4.4™ shell over 2.3 & 1.5 oz DuPont™ Nomex® E-89 over 3.3 oz DuPont™ Nomex® IIIA
40 Cal AirLite™ made with super lightweight 11.5 oz fabric system DRIFIRE® 4.4™ shell over 2.3 & 1.5 oz DuPont™ Nomex® E-89 over 3.3 oz DuPont™ Nomex® IIIA
Stretchy flame resistant knit cuffs for a comfortable fit
Front closure with high temperature zipper with DuPont™ Nomex® zipper tape and segmented Hook & Loop flap
Enhanced wearer visibility with 3M brand yellow & silver segmented reflective tape on arms & legs
14” high temperature leg zippers with DuPont™ Nomex® tape allows easy donning and doffing over boots
40 CAL AirLite™
12 CAL Suit


My concern with Enespro PPE was that it was too good to be true. After reaching out to an expert on arc testing and electrical safety, Hugh Hoagland, he verified that Enespro was the real deal. That was critically important for me.

Jonathan Brown, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager (Delta Services)

It was so innovative, I didn’t think they [Enespro PPE] would be able to pull it off. But they certainly did.

Bill Pineda, Certified Environmental, Safety, and Health Trainer & Risk Management (Kelso-Burnett)

If someone hands you the key to a jalopy to drive, it’s not flattering. With all this old and mismatched PPE, we were not sending a message that we really cared about their safety. This kind of thing affects morale. People want to feel that the company takes their safety seriously.

Fred Mulgrew, Construction Safety Manager (Therma)

This is the most comfortable arc flash suit I’ve worn. I like the overall fit and the faceshield is much easier to see through. The protective carrying case is also great. It prevents damage to the faceshield and has ample space and pockets.

Travis Black, Foreman Electrician (Big State Electric)

Your company has risen to the challenge and provided what I believe is truly the next generation of protective wear.

Dave Haver, SMS Safety Director – National Facilities

We have been bringing the new Enespro kits to the jobsites and showing off the differences between the old and new garments, and now, I am getting requests daily to replace their current kits with Enespro PPE.

Tom King, Safety Manager (Continental Electrical Construction Company)

We have purchased PPE from Enespro required to protect our service technicians while working HVAC equipment energized to troubleshoot for problems with the equipment. Our technicians say the PPE is much easier to wear and they will want to wear this PPE with no problem!! Great product and we will continue to purchase this PPE to protect our most precious resource, our technicians.

Jeff Hofmann, Safety Director (HMC Service Company)

We have been very impressed with our new Enespro [AirLite] 40 Cal PPE suits with the vented lift front hoods. The light weight suits are very breathable and the lift front hood is a total game changer.  We had our 1st shutdown this weekend since we received the suits and the [AirLite] suits were a total success. My foreman texted me after the shutdown "money well spent. Thanks for keeping us safe."

Rob Liddy, Chief Executive Officer (LidCo Electrical Contractors Inc)