Does One Size Fit All When it Comes to PPE?

Does One Size Fit All When it Comes to PPEThere are many contractors and owners in the industry who think that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is as easy as one-size-fits-all or that one set of PPE covers all scenarios. These are the same individuals that use PPE as the primary protection method — which should never be the case.

A good safety program will address each situation independently and separately to provide the best protection possible. OSHA states that PPE is a last resort, and the Hierarchy of Controls puts eliminating the hazard as the primary means of protecting workers. PPE is needed when there are no other alternatives to protect the worker. Therefore when it is determined PPE is needed, we need to address what is the proper PPE to wear and, if PPE is worn every day, what level of PPE offers the best protection.

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