What NFPA 70E Policies are Needed by Your Company?

What NFPA 70E Policies are Needed by Your CompanyWe always hear that the company’s policy is to work everything de-energized, but we all know there are times that employees are exposed to electrical hazards in almost every task, including when they de-energize, re-energize and confirm absence/presence of voltage. The best way to enforce NFPA 70E is through the use of company policies for its employees and customers. A company should look at all aspects of NFPA 70E to determine what policies are needed and what it wants to create and enforce.

The only way to properly communicate what those company policies are is to put them in writing, make sure everyone is provided with a written copy and provide training on those policies. That way there is no question about the expectations and/or requirements employees must follow and the rules that have been created for the employees’ and the company’s safety. Having these policies in writing also expresses a company’s commitment to safety for current and prospective customers to review.

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