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A Year in Review and a Look Ahead

A Year in Review and a Look Ahead

By: Mike Enright


Enespro PPE’s initial goal of changing the way workers view wearing electrical PPE to help safety professionals increase compliance will continue into 2019 and beyond. .. We are very thankful for all the support we received from hundreds of electricians and safety professionals in guiding us to add product innovations that will provide meaningful benefits to the people that matter most- YOU! We also appreciate all the positive feedback and testimonials we’ve received from many of our customers.

An Exciting 2018

2018 has been an exciting, busy, and rewarding year. Following our Launch this summer, we were off and running out of the gate, bringing exciting new products to the market, sharing important tips and insights on electrical safety, and taking home a few awards.

Whether in the form of our innovative Enespro AirLite™ 40 Cal arc flash suits, providing a super lightweight alternative to traditional Cat 4 PPE, or our OptiShield™ clear grey tinted face shields, designed to dramatically improve color recognition and visibility in mission critical activities, or our flexible & lightweight Rauckman Class 0 rubber voltage-rated gloves, we are pleased to say the reaction to  our product line has been overwhelmingly positive.

Enespro PPE Takes Home NECA Showstopper Award

Just a few months after our launch, we attended our first show as Enespro PPE—NECA 2018—in Philadelphia, PA, and were proud to take home a NECA “Showstopper Award” for our  AirLite™ 40 Cal arc flash suit.

AirLite™ suits weigh 45% less than a standard PPE Category 4 Suit and 20% less than a standard 20 CAL suit. This product stood alone in arc flash suits, joining 20 other products selected by a panel of expert judges who made their decisions based on their potential utility on the job. See the all of the winners here.

Enespro Wins Construction Marketing Association Recognition

The annual Construction Marketing STAR Awards, and Construction Marketer of the Year Awards are produced by the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) to recognize marketing effectiveness in construction-related industries in North America. The 2018 STAR awards recognized excellence in 16 marketing categories and 80 sub-categories.

We won Construction Marketer of the Year for the Midwest Region with 6 STAR Awards. Our winning awards included Brand Identity Stationery System, Collateral - Catalog, Collateral – Brochure, New Product Launch, Product Photography, and Publicity News Release. We are honored to be recognized for our marketing efforts!

Safety Stories: Our Top Posts of 2018

We also launched our blog, Safety Stories, designed to give you the latest news and insight on developing a safety culture, selecting and using electrical PPE, and operating safely in hazardous environments. Written to educate our readers on the hazards and trends in electrical safety, our top blogs are as follows:

  • Common Causes of Arc Flash: From human error and carelessness to dust and corrosion to condensation, there are many reasons that an arc flash incident may occur. In this blog, we explore some of the most common reasons these incidents take place and offer tips to minimize risk.
  • How do Arc Flash Incidents Cause Damage?: Arc flash incidents are unique in the electrical field as they expose workers to a completely different form of risk. With extreme temperatures and force being a common factor, there are many ways these incidents cause damage. We explore some of them in this blog.
  • What Are the Four Different Arc Flash PPE Categories Defined by NFPA 70E?: the 2018 version of NFPA 70E brought a wide range of changes, but simplified the selection of Arc Flash PPE. The newest version of the Standard removes Class 0, makes it easier to choose the right PPE for your needs, and offers straightforward guidelines on what’s needed in each category.
  • NFPA 70E Puts Hierarchy of Controls in the Spotlight: The Hierarchy of Controls became a major part of NFPA 70E in 2018, not only moving from informational note to standard text, but actually becoming a centerpiece of the standard. In this blog, we look at each level from elimination to PPE, discussing why PPE is considered your last line of defense.
  • NFPA 70E: Understanding Approach and Arc Flash Boundaries: There are two main risks that exist when working on electrical equipment—shock and arc flash. Both extremely dangerous to workers, one of the easiest ways to protect qualified and unqualified workers alike is to understand the three types of boundaries.

Looking ahead to 2019: Enespro PPE is Headed to NSC and NECA Conferences

With 2018 barely behind us, we already have a busy schedule ahead of us in 2019, as we are taking Enespro PPE on the road throughout the year. We will continue to keep you up to date on the latest safety stories and news through our blog, but if you intend to head to one of the following conferences in 2019, please visit our booth to see what’s new:

There could be many more conferences and meetings on the horizon, as well as many other opportunities to learn about Enespro PPE products in 2019. We will even host a few contests for our loyal email subscribers. No matter how busy we are, you can view specs and order our products 24/7/365 through our ecommerce site. Need more information? Contact us today!

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