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Four Reasons Enespro AirLite™ Is Just… Better.

Four Reasons Enespro AirLite™ Is Just... Better.

By: Rich Gojdics


At Enespro PPE, we like to let our products speak for themselves, but we have and will continue to share testimonials from our customers bragging about how our products have solved many of their problems. After all, Enespro products have many of the features & benefits they asked for in the first place. Now, while our line made with Westex UltraSoft® is head and shoulders above its competition—the product line that helped us get so many accolades from our customers and helped launch us into the market is our AirLiteTM.

Incredibly Light—It’s in the Name.

Traditionally, full PPE Category 4 suits are bulky, heavy, and cumbersome, offering less mobility than would be offered in a lighter CAT 2 suit. For instance, a traditional PPE Category 4 Suit rated at or above 40 Cal/cm², would consist of fabric twice as thick and heavy as a suit rated at 12 Cal/cm2.

When we say AirLite, we mean it. In fact, our 40 CAL AirLite is made with a super lightweight fabric system that puts it among the lightest 40 CAL in the industry— 45% lighter than a standard PPE Category 4 Suit and, incredibly, 20% lighter than a standard 20 CAL suit.

Many of our clients just use our 40 CAL AirLite for all tasks—CAT 1-4. How many companies can say that?

It’s Comfortable Too

What good is a lightweight product if it’s an annoyance? It’s hard to know why specifically traditional arc flash PPE is so uncomfortable and fits poorly, but it is. Too often, you buy the right fit, only to find out that it’s baggy in some places, restrictive in others, and really just a hassle to wear.

With discomfort and improper fit being two of the main reasons workers avoid wearing electrical PPE in the first place, we actually listened to the advice of electrical professionals and designed our AirLite products based on their complaints about the market. Then we set out to make our product fit for the American worker—comfortable in all the right places.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a quote from our client, LidCo.

[if you care about safety] How could you not put your guys in the most comfortable lightweight suits available?

—Robert Liddy, CEO at LidCo

It Moves with You

When you work with something that can literally blow up in your face and reach temperatures that could be hotter than the surface of the sun, you kind of want a full range of motion. When an employee can’t move in the way he or she feels is best, it hampers the ability to do the job and may even deter employees from wearing the appropriate electrical PPE for the circumstances.

Enespro’s 40 CAL AirLite is designed with movement in mind. Our ActiveCool VentingTM underarm system increases mobility by 3X and airflow by 5x vs the average jacket, and Enespro jackets, bib overalls and coveralls also have an elastic panel in the back to provide a more comfortable fit.

Easy to Put on, Easy to Remove

Traditional electrical PPE is an annoyance—even the process of putting it on and taking it off is hard. It’s one of the reasons why so many workers skip steps or ignore putting on PPE for quick jobs. Who wants to wrestle with their suit just to get your boot into a leg hole that’s too small for its own good?

Unique to our 40 cal AirLite product, we offer 26” leg zippers, making the donning and doffing process a breeze.

AirLiteTM Arc Flash Suits: Eye-Catching in More Ways Than One

Electrical PPE doesn’t need to look good—it just needs to protect workers. We understand, but we decided to make ours look pretty decent regardless. If you’re on-site for a client, you want to present a professional, put-together demeanor, and our suits deliver. Not only that, our suits come in and are stored in a protective and incredibly appealing bag.

That said, our suits aren’t designed just to turn heads—they’re designed to be eye-catching if something goes wrong. If an arc flash does take place the power is typically knocked out making it very difficult for first responders to find the startled and/or injured worker(s) quickly so that they can provide treatment. Hi-vis tape makes it easier to be seen when they come searching with flash lights which could reduce the time it takes to help the workers.

The human brain is wired to recognize motion, so the hi-vis tape on Enespro PPE suits are placed at “biomotion points,” or areas where motion is most likely to occur (arms, legs), allowing a worker to be found even in a smoke-filled room or if buried under some debris. Our AirLite suits use a combination of 3M™ FR Scotchlite™ FR silver & yellow reflective tape, which is eye-catching… In more ways than one. 

Get to Know Enespro PPE Products

There are many more reasons more and more companies are turning to Enespro PPE. Our AirLite technology provides the comfort, visibility, breathability, and lightweight protection your workers have wanted for years.

We launched Enespro PPE with one thing in mind: Innovating for end users. While it would have been easy to make “just another arc flash kit,” providing something that meets the standards and collect payment, we didn’t. We’ve been in this industry long enough to see that workers disliked traditional arc flash suits and the opportunity to add innovation and improve the wearer’s experience was wide open.

Get to know more about our products, including our 40 CAL AirLiteTM.

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