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Hot Work Gets Hot: The Importance of Breathability in Arc Flash PPE

Hot Work Gets Hot: The Importance of Breathability in Arc Flash PPE

By: Mike Enright


Winter is finally over and, as the weather starts to heat up, for most, arrival of pleasant weather is greatly anticipated. However, for the electrical worker, when the weather heats up, the thought of donning a heavy arc flash suit, rubber gloves, a balaclava, and a hood sends chills down the spine.

Knowing this, electrical equipment breakdowns happen at any time of year, maintenance needs to be completed as scheduled, and whether it’s 10°F or 100°F, workers still need to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Following our recent blog on the importance of mobility in arc flash PPE, we would today like to discuss another common issue that employees have with PPE—enduring the heat.

When a worker dons an arc flash suit, he or she is essentially putting on a necessary piece of clothing, often weighing more than a winter coat, while completing a task knowing that a wrong move could result in an arc flash. Even the most experienced electrical workers are at risk, and anytime a worker has to work hot, stress levels are elevated.

If that’s not stressful enough, consider that the worker will also be donning a heavy suit that’s often uncomfortable, restrictive, and very, very hot inside. Add to this the high temperatures of summer, and a high stress job also puts a worker at risk for heat stress—never an ideal scenario when complete focus is needed.

Two of the Many Ways Enespro PPE is Transforming Electrical PPE; Vented Lift-Front Hoods with added “Arc Vents” and ActiveCoolTM Venting Underarm System.

At Enespro, we know the challenges that exist for electrical workers, and when we set out to change the arc flash PPE market, we designed our products to solve the problems associated with wearing electrical PPE.  We did take steps to address these complaints by focusing on making game changing improvements in weight, comfort and mobility.

In this, beyond addressing common complaint #1, heavy PPE, Enespro has introduced game-changing lightweight systems to address this top priority. However, we further accepted the challenge to introduce products with many unique features including two designed to keep workers cooler when they work in even the most dangerous situations.

Vented Lift-Front Hoods with “Arc Vents” to Generate More Air-Flow

The Enespro AirLite 40 Cal Vented Lift-Front Hood was a game changer for many workers because the lift front shield offers quick access to fresh air when they step out of the flash boundary area. It also has venting built directly into the shield itself to add air-flow and auditory vents improve hearing & communication. Now, these 40 CAL AirLite™ OptiShield Vented Lift-Front Hoods, also include 2 large innovative “Arc Vents” to further increase air-flow to further aide in cooling and reduce fogging.

40 CAL AirLite Vented Life Front Hood Back

Enespro ActiveCoolTM Venting underarm system: Cooling, Mobility, and More

Beyond this, we took steps to deliver as much breathability as an arc flash suit allows, introducing ActiveCool™ Venting underarm system to all coveralls and jackets ranging from 8 to 40 CAL. This underarm system increases air-flow by 5 times to aide in cooling, offering safety without sacrifice. Plus, their unique placement increases stretch by 3 times for added mobility where workers need it most.

Enespro Underarm Venting PPE

Get to Know More about Enespro PPE

At Enespro PPE, we set out to shatter the status quo in electrical safety, to make sure your last line of defense is as comfortable for workers as possible. From the innovations above to our 40 CAL AirLite™ suit designed to deliver CAT 4 protection at CAT 2 weight, we stand behind our products and would love to be your partner in electrical PPE for years to come.

Get to know more about our products, shop online or request a quote, and contact us if you have any questions.

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