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So Many Roads, So Many Decisions

So Many Roads, So Many Decisions

By: Adam Meza


As Americans, we enjoy the open road. There is something to the feeling of the rumble of the road under the tires and at our feet. There is also the power and control of being able to stop, go or take the turn up ahead.

One day on the road, going 55 mph or so, I began to wonder what every driver in my front view was thinking, what their next move would be, and what the moves of the cars the same distance ahead of them would be. In traffic school, instructors teach you to “look ahead and beyond.”

If you stop to think about it, a one-way road is like a current running through a wire or bus bar. There is always movement forward, but there will always be change — a decision made to go here or there. Like the view of the road ahead, think about all of the many decisions, good and bad, that were made on that wire or bus bar throughout the years on the way to the current’s destination. Repairs, new electrical professionals, new safety teams, new machinery, new procedures and maybe, just maybe, along the length of that current stream over time a problem develops, or is created, a pothole if you will. So many roads, so many decisions.

Will that one mistake or problem affect you? Chances are probably not. Chances are, when you jump in your car to drive home today, you will not get in an accident. But what if the driver in front of you, or the one in front of them, gets you into an accident?

Electrical contractors very often face a similar challenge on the job. Working at a host employer on equipment that is not properly labeled with an unknown maintenance history is a challenge. If everyone at that plant is relying on you to work on that never-before-seen equipment and every minute that goes by is costing them a fortune, that is stressful. For all these reasons, many electrical professionals have decided to standardize their arc flash gear to CAT 4 to provide protection across multiple dynamic environments. Enespro has made that possible with its industry-leading premium AirLite™ 40 CAL kit. The AirLite arc-rated fabric is among the lightest weight and most flexible systems on the market. This helps electrical professionals stay cool and comfortable, so they can keep their eyes and mind on the work ahead. Remember, there are so many roads and so many decisions. Before that driver in front of you, or the one in front of them, gets you into an accident, we invite you to make the decision to take that turn up ahead. Experience the newly paved open road that leads to the brand of USA-made arc flash PPE that everyone is talking about, Enespro.

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