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The Electrician

The Electrician

By: Adam Meza

A businessman in Virginia steps into a rental car for a business trip. He takes a breath, ready to hit the road, and gets a lungful of stale cigarettes and old french-fries. He decides the car is not acceptable and has it swapped out with no problem.

A software engineer in Texas starts his first day on the job. He opens his assigned laptop only to discover the screen is cracked. He lets his IT department know and they swap it for a new one right away.

An electrician in Colorado steps into the Denver International Airport. He reaches the job, follows NFPA 70E to the T, and opens the gym bag of his task-based PPE kit. The garment had clearly been in the bag a long time; a smell emits from the hood and garment and the face shield is scratched and cracked. Surprisingly, unlike our friends the businessman or the software engineer, the electrician did not have any other choice when it came to task-based electrical PPE. Smells and cracked or scratched face shields were all too common and part of the job.

Enespro PPE decided that electricians deserve, no, they need, the best gear available to prevent these pain points. After all, without electricians the infrastructure that supports commerce is at risk.

Among other innovations, Enespro PPE has found the solution for broken and scratched face shields in a hard-padded structured bag insert that comes standard with every next-generation Enespro PPE Gear Bag. This hard-padded insert protects the hood and face shield from scratches and cracks. To mitigate the risk of a smelly garment and hood, Enespro PPE has incorporated an anti-microbial fabric liner in the hood and collar of our garments. To further mitigate the risk of germs and odor, Enespro PPE has incorporated ventilating grommets on the garment side of the gear bag to increase ventilation during long term storage. We also included double zippers for complete ventilation when the bag is open and a rubber bottom to avoid absorption of moisture if it’s placed on a wet floor. Enespro PPE knows what electricians need. How do we know? Because we asked them. Before cutting the first piece of cloth, Enespro PPE asked electricians and safety professionals across the country what their pain points were. Enespro PPE then distilled all of that down into meaningful innovation.

Enespro PPE brings meaningful innovations designed by you: the electrician, the safety professional, the buyer, the leader, and the craftsman. We believe electricians should be able to do their work safely and comfortably. Next time you turn on a light to calm a crying child, gather around a table to break bread, or flip the switch at the shop or factory floor, remember the electrician that made it possible. 

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