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The mission of SAFETY STORIES™ is to provide education, training, resources, and information about best practices across all electrical safety applications. A range of topics include safety tips, PPE trends, application information, customer feedback, and of course, news about Enespro PPE products.

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Together, we will improve the lives of those who work in environments that require electrical safety. 

Mike Enright, Founder & CEO

Our Products in Action: LidCo Electrical Contractors Case Study

If you’re like many employers, you know the challenge: No matter how much you try, employees still seem to ignore the requirement to wear electrical PPE. In fact, this was a problem for LidCo Electrical Contractors—until they found Enespro.

For years, LidCo provided their employees with traditional arc flash PPE, only for employees to ignore requirements. Sick of seeing these risks, CEO Robert Liddy sought a better solution for safety, attending a recent Enespro seminar and ultimately opting to purchase an Enespro 40 CAL AirLite™ kit for each van.

The results were astounding. Not only did it increase use among workers, employees found the suit so lightweight, breathable, and comfortable that the company was able to move to a one suit approach. Ready to learn more? Read the entire case study below.

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